Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Electrolysis Services in Midtown NYC

Feel awesome with yourself experiencing quality and safe electrolysis services in Midtown NYC.

Those who are self-conscious of unwanted or excess hair have the option to do a permanent hair removal treatment. Unwanted hair is a common issue and can easily be resolved. There are many ways to treat the unwanted hair issue, though electrolysis is one that have been successfully used for years..

An electrolysis procedure lasts for 15 minutes to an hour depending on the amount and length of hair. Electrolysis is performed by applying a small, safe amount of electricity to the start of the hair follicle using a one time use probe. The probe completely removes the hair follicle, never entering one's skin. This process is short and very useful for having smooth silky skin.

Susan Davina offers electrolysis services in Midtown NYC, and have been giving a professional, skillful and pleasant permanent hair removal procedure to customers for many years.

Susan Davina has a skin care center in Midtown NYC that permanently removes hair for men and women. The electrolysis procedure is safe and uses sterile, FDA approved techniques that are medically recognized.

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