Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Electrolysis in NYC

For many people, hair is uncomfortable and unappealing. Shaving and traditional waxing strategies can only be helpful for a short period of time. Electrolysis is a popular hair removal treatment that many people are looking into, with results that truly last. Are you interested in getting electrolysis in NYC?

Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care can provide the effective electrolysis service you want today!

At Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care, we have provided electrolysis treatments for many satisfied clients for many years. Our electrolysis in NYC works by destroying the roots of undesired hairs with an electric current. The end results being unwanted hair that is gone and never grows back.

Electrolysis in NYC

At Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care, we are FDA approved to permanently remove all unwanted hair with the proper equipment. We also offer other hair removal services including tweezing, waxing or threading.

Compared to waxing, electrolysis is a less painful procedure and unlike bleaching it carries no risk of chemical burns. Our expert staff will ensure nothing but comfort and professionalism when it comes to your electrolysis procedure

Susan Davina adapts her aesthetic training from both England and the United States. We use nothing but natural products from Europe, leaving your skin refreshed with a natural glow.

To learn more about our Electrolysis in NYC procedure or to inquire more about our other services at Susan Davina, contact us at (212) 751-7377.

Susan Davina - Your trusted provider for Electrolysis in NYC.