Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC

Are you looking for Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC? Whether you are looking for permanent hair removal (Electrolysis), waxing or rejuvenating your skin, Susan Davina Electrolysis & Skin Care is your one-stop shop.

FAQs on Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC

A lot of women do not like body hairs and hence they spend a good part of their time in getting rid of them. Like a lot of time! Like approximately 72 hours of their life! And this doesn’t even include the hours that they spend in treating body hairs of any other part besides their legs.

So if you are one of those people who would like to save these 72 hours and to rather invest them in doing something useful, then we have the right solution for you, the Electrolysis hair removal in NYC- a permanent hair removal solution! Now, in case you have any queries regarding this solution and you want to learn some more about it, then have a look at these FAQs.

Electrolysis Hair Removal in NYC- FAQ

How long is the procedure?

The length of this treatment depends upon several factors like your body hair density, the thickness of your hair, which body part is being treated, etc. However, the treatment sessions usually last somewhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

How long before the treatment shows results?

Well, determining the exact time frame in which the electrolysis treatment will show results is difficult. This is so because the treatment works at a different pace on different people and with respect to different body parts. However, on average it can be said that the results will most probably become noticeable in 15 to 20 sessions.

Am I the right candidate for this treatment?

Electrolysis treatment is a permanent hair removal solution. Unlike other laser treatments that can be used only on selected candidates depending upon the contrast of their skin and hair color or on some other factors, electrolysis can be used on almost everybody. This is so because the contrasting colors or any other factors make little to no difference to the electrolysis treatment.

Will going through electrolysis hair removal in NYC hurt?

Well, the honest answer is yes. However, how much pain or discomfort you will feel will depend upon your pain bearing capacity and upon the area that is being treated. While some people describe the discomfort felt during the sessions as a light tinge some others say that it is like feeling little shocks every other second.

So, these are some common questions that people normally ask about the electrolysis hair removal treatment in NYC. However, in case if you have some other questions, then feel free to drop us your query!

For more information on Electrolysis in NYC, call Susan Davina at (212) 751-7377.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Permanent Hair Removal in NYC

Susan Davina has a very gentle touch, and her many hair removal in NYC clients can attest to their great results and comfort level. Even if you have had laser, you know that it only reduces the hair. Electrolysis (permanent hair removal) can completely eliminate any unwanted, excess hair. So if you want to safely remove hair permanently, call me and come in for a free consultation.

Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal in NYC

Many of us, have more hairs on our face and body than what we prefer. This often makes us awkward and not confident when we are surrounded by people. Those hairs create a complex in us and give birth to a feeling of embarrassment, especially when all eyes are on us like on occasions when we are standing on a stage.

But what is the other option? While waxing and shaving may seem like one, but it is simply not possible to be waxed or shaved at all times. Then what? Well, thank the heavens because there is yet another possibility, that is permanent hair removal in NYC. In case you want to learn more about it, then read further!

What are the benefits of permanent hair removal in NYC?

The advantages include-

  • No monthly parlor appointments

  • With the permanent hair removal in NYC, you will be done with the monthly torturous parlor appointments. Just think about it? No more bearing the pain of waxing, no more cuts during shaving, no more rushing to the parlor after a hectic day at work, no more begging for last-minute appointments! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

  • Saved money

  • Permanent hair removal in NYC is one time process though it consists of a number of sessions. But still, you will be saved from the monthly visits to grooming centers. Hence, with permanent hair removal, you can also save yourself some bucks.

  • FDA approved

  • The electrolysis process of permanent hair removal in NYC is the only FDA approved method for getting rid of unwanted hairs. So, if you have more hairs on your body than you like, then this process can be your key to living a confident and easier life.

  • Fairly natural procedure

  • Electrolysis is a fairly natural method of removing unwanted body hairs. While other methods like creams might use chemicals that your body may react to, with electrolysis you don’t have to worry about any such concerns.

  • No ingrown hairs

  • When you use methods like shaving or waxing you, they might result in ingrown body hairs. But with electrolysis which is a method of permanent hair removal in NYC both hair and hair follicles are completely damaged. Hence, no worries about ingrown hair either!

    So, these are some of the benefits of electrolysis, the permanent hair removal technique. Now after being aware of all the benefits of this technique, if you too want to undergo this procedure, then contact us at Susan Davina Electrolysis and Skincare.
    For more information on hair removal in NYC, call Susan Davina at (212) 751-7377 .
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