Monday, February 29, 2016

Electrolysis in Midtown NYC

We're anticipating warmer weather, which means losing those extra layers and embracing the heat! Summertime is so often on our minds, either while sitting at work or while bundling up in preparation of going out. In our daydreams, we tend to leave out the painstaking time spent shaving to achieve smooth, sun-kissed summer skin. This summer, pamper yourself with electrolysis in Midtown NYC and toss that razor away for good! 

Susan Davina is specially trained in aesthetics and electrolysis, bringing years of experience and beautiful results to residents of NYC. In Susan Davina's Midtown electrolysis salon, she will get you the permanent results you are looking for. By gently using electrical currents through an electrolysis probe, Susan Davina disrupts growth by destroying the growth center of the hair follicle. After a few sessions ranging from 15 minutes to one hour, you will notice a drastic decrease in hair production, until there is no growth at all. You'll always be ready for the beach with electrolysis in Midtown NYC!

Many are choosing electrolysis in Midtown NYC because of the sheer amount of time it saves getting ready to go out - no matter the time of year. During winter, we tend to neglect shaving as often as we would during warmer months. Of course, natural beauty is just as beautiful as smooth skin - but once the weather starts turning in our favor, those who wish to remove hair grown throughout winter have quite the task ahead of them. Imagine never worrying about this again. Imagine waking up to a beautiful June day and leaving without spending a half an hour (or more!) making sure your shaved and ready to go. It almost seems too good to be true - but with electrolysis in Midtown NYC, imagine no longer!

Susan Davina is sure you'll love your new look, and works with your total satisfaction in mind. There's no time like now to treat yourself to smooth skin, year 'round. Likewise, the time saved allows you to enjoy more of your summer - after all, you've been dreaming about it for the past six months!

For more information about electrolysis in Midtown NYC, schedule an appointment with Susan Davina by calling (212) 751-7377.

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